Any amateur photographers out there

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Selling stock images is one way that professional photographers earn a living. When I was photographing this goat, his expression reminded me of a funny birthday card. So I purposely left plenty of negative space around him for text.

Any amateur photographers out there

A common definition is this; As a professional photographer, your primary source of income comes from your photography business. You may want to argue with me on this point of what truly makes a professional photographer a professional but before you do, read on. If you are a professional photographer, by definition you must earn a living from your photography work.

If you are an amateur, chances are good that you have another source of income. Focus on the things that pros do that make the rest of us respect them so much. Here are a few ideas. Macro image of tulip with raindrops.

Any amateur photographers out there

Even if you mainly photograph horses ahemit makes sense to learn how to shoot and post-process macro flowers and to create a portfolio of your best images. Whenever an opportunity comes along to learn a new technique, whether it is macro photographyportrait lighting or a deep dive into Photoshop, take the time to learn it. The pro photographers that stay relevant constantly learn new things too. Macro image of tulip with curled leaf. I was at an Art Wolfe seminar two years ago and another attendee asked him about his transition from film to digital.

Wolfe told us a story about being given a few DSLRs to test at the beginning of the digital revolution. He brought them on a trip and while he was Any amateur photographers out there to his destination, grabbed one, made a few shots, ed them and was sold by the immediacy of the digital process.

You might not want to transition from Aperture to Lightroom. Mirrorless cameras may leave you scratching your head. HDR might offend your sensibilities. If any of those thoughts perfectly describe you, pick one new thing and open yourself to learning it this year. The professional photographers I know all know each other. Every June at the Out of Chicago Summer Conference, floods of well-known professional photographers descend upon the South Loop and they already know each other.

The best part of this professional camaraderie is that it infects the rest of the Out of Chicago attendees too. Students, staff, volunteers and presenters all come together in a cyclone of photography. After the conference, opportunities abound to be a second shooter, or a BTS behind-the-scenes shooteror to participate in free photo walks. They were always there. Be like the professionals and get yourself involved in the community. The Chicago Theatre is a classic Out of Chicago conference image. Very few professional photographers today work in all genres.

Most specialize. They are known specifically for weddings, portraits, fashion, wildlife, landscapes, architecture, etc. Some specialize even more.

Any amateur photographers out there

As an amateur, you can specialize too and become an expert in your field within your local community. You photograph horses, right? Professional photographers give back. You can photograph abandoned animals at a rescue shelter, teach disadvantaged youth about photography, or donate your time photographing non-profit events for charitable foundations. I made these images for a local equine rescue to highlight the good work they are doing for aged, neglected, and abandoned horses. This malnourished horse with the sway back is almost 30 years old.

He discovered a new friend at the rescue and found comfort in staying close to the pinto. The professional photographer who was shooting a wedding all weekend while you were off smelling photographing the roses probably has a personal photography project that she works on in her off-hours. Personal projects help professional photographers stay in touch with why they became photographers in the first place.

By sinking themselves into deeply personal, meaningful photography projects, professional artists remind themselves that they are artists. They may not plan to show these personal images and are creating them purely for themselves, much like Vivian Maier did. On the other hand, they might be creating a street photography coffee table book with goals to self-publish and distribute it. A personal project Any amateur photographers out there work much the same way for you as an amateur, helping you define yourself as an artist and giving you a meaningful creative opportunity.

When I travel, I not-so-secretly pursue my personal project for photographing street cats. I do hope to make it a book someday too. These three street cats all live in Essaouira, Morocco. Use these ideas to find fulfillment when you shoot. Remember, because your primary income is not tied to your photography, you have more choices ahead of you than a professional photographer might. So are you an amateur or pro photographer? How do you define those?

Any amateur photographers out there

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