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Thank you for using our services. We are a non-profit group that run this service to share documents. We need your help to maintenance and improve this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. All state funded programs grantees are approved unless otherwise specified. Only those private programs listed below are currently approved for these referrals. Cushman St. BoxAttn. Chugach, St.

Tudor, Ste. Richardson Ft. Rich Bldg. We are committed to providing a service that offers the least amount of stress and intimidation to our clients. We are also committed to assisting those individuals we serve if necessary in finding the optimum treatment or early intervention education placement available to them which best fits their particular set of circumstances and needs.

Our program has a solid foundation of practical use as it is modeled from another assessment program in the lower 48, Accurate Assessments a division of Orion Healthcare that has been in business Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap many years. Their program is well respected and received by the treatment community, other professional service providers like lawyers, the people it serves, and it is especially well received by the judicial system. We also use two other scientifically researched and widely accepted instruments to further enhance the accuracy of our assessments, as well as other clinical instruments as needed.

At Addiction Assessments, LLC, we believe there are many well-validated advantages to an independent assessment center. The most important benefits are directly related to the well being of the client through lack of assessor bias. An independent assessment is less stressful, less confusing, less intimidating and more empowering than the conventional method of walking into an alcohol or drug treatment center to have the assessment done.

Addictions do not just affect either the physical, mental, or emotional aspects of people, but all of these aspects, every time. Therefore, all of these aspects need to be addressed if we are to assist people in their efforts to help themselves.

The philosophy of Addiction Assessments, LLC is based on our belief that we need to take a holistic view of approach if we are to succeed in overcoming this complex problem. With thesethe treatment providers can then implement wraparound services from other agencies and individuals that will provide the needed support to help each individual succeed in becoming a more productive and positive member of society.

Every individual who participates in any of our substance use programs is treated with respect and understanding.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

AEON counseling believes there is a requirement to provide proper working tools to each participant to assist in making internal changes in thought patterns to open up their understanding of their issues leading to use, facts, thoughts, feelings, wants and finally the actions of using. There is no condemnation or blaming, only an acceptance and recognition of personal responsibility to change. Using behavior modification therapy, and hypnotherapy. Providing an integrated treatment approach that involves the Total Awareness Approach model.

IMedication Assisted Treatments e. Opioid Dependence, Alcohol.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

Provider accepts most insurance. Genesis provides services according to the needs of the individual s. Our goal is to assist in the achievement of quality of life including the areas involved in a well-rounded life style: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health; economic security, employment, positive social and family interdependence and positive selfidentification.

We offer an alternative to step programs and at the same time we are able to support clients who find the steps useful. We offer Screening, Intake, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Education for clients dealing with substance abuse and other life issues.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

We also offer a group for people dealing with emotional issues and not necessarily with substance abuse. This group is deed clients who find that their emotions interfere with their ability to make good decisions.

Rational Recovery is the basis for the self-help support at Insight Therapy, but many of our clients also participate in step meetings outside of our facility. Provides services to adult men and women age 18 and up in a co-ed outpatient setting. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, marital status, family status, political affiliation or religious beliefs.

Office hours are Monday through Friday am to pm, though groups are held during the evenings from pm to pm. Our group schedule may change based upon the needs of our clients. We will provide level 0. We will provide individualized level I, outpatient treatment services based upon an interpretive assessment summary completed within six months prior to admission. We will accept interpretive assessment summaries from other agencies.

Length and frequency of services are solely dependent upon the assessment and client progress or lack thereof; thought will range from 1 to 8 hours per week for 1 to 12 months.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

We will also provide interim outpatient services to Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap waiting to enter into a higher level of care to keep them engaged in the treatment process and provide supportive services. Length and frequency of services are individualized, though will range from 1 to 3 hours per month for 3 to 6 months, based on client progress or lack thereof. However, we may refer clients to an independent certified alcohol and drug testing laboratory such as Work Safe. Our approach to treatment is client centered, empowering and focused on the strengths of individual clients.

We believe that clients are capable of making good decisions to regain control of their lives. Treatment is based on the neuroscience concepts of David Rock and Jeffery Schwartz. We draw upon the relapse prevention models of Marlatt and Gorski. We will offer a sliding fee scale based on income to eligible clients. Additional, we will provide pro-bono services to a limited of individuals who cannot afford to pay for treatment and have no other resources.

Payments for services are due at the time services are rendered, though we do not require deposits prior to starting treatment. It is critical to build solid rapport with clients by creating a safe, trusting, supportive and healthy relationship using positive self-talk and reinforcement and utilizing behavioral concepts that teach coping skills through Dialectic Behavioral Therapy DBT.

A focus is on insightful knowledge associated with attributes of motivation and understanding of human behavior through listening and providing meaningful and helpful feedback. She has an office in Anchorage, and in Eagle River. She has over 16 years experience working with substance abuse issues with adults who have legal involvement.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

Her philosophy also includes the two elements of Dialectal 11 of 23 AASAP certification Behavioral Therapy DBT ; 1 clients are doing the best they can, but they need to be more effective, and 2 clients may not have caused all their problems and yet they have to solve them.

Her treatment approach utilizes Cognitive Behavioral therapy, 12 Step, psycho-education, EMDR, and spiritual resources depending on the needs and desire of the client. She has extensive cross-cultural experience. Heavy emphasis is placed on urinalysis screening during the entire Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap and those who are unable to maintain abstinence are referred for more intensive treatment. The clients who demonstrate the inability to remain abstinent from alcohol and illegal drugs are appropriate candidates for this program.

Absenteeism from outpatient and the 12 step fellowship or failure to complete homework is also indications for this level. The program uses more intensive confrontation in the intensive outpatient program or referral to inpatient treatment. It has a twelve-week program, which can be modified or extended based on ASAM patient placement criteria. This is a program of recovery consisting of motivational interviewing, stages of change, cognitive behavioral therapy, addressing criminal thinking, spiritual dynamics of addiction and a twelve-step program.

The journals are deed to help clients work a rigorous program of recovery and are divided into seven sections, with each section covering a topic relevant to recovery. The information and questions in the journal guide clients to apply the twelve-steps in their daily life.

I offer intensive outpatient services. I come from a background of working with chronically mentally ill to displaced homemakers. My proactive models are very much centered in a cognitive behavioral approach and the transtheoretical model. I develop a therapeutic relationship with clients using the approach of Carl Rogers. I provide onsite testing, urine and saliva testing as well as EtG.

Application of ASAM placement criteria is used for placement and discharge. I can also provide adoption home studies and consultation on adoption issues and custody investigations. What sets us apart? It is the program provided for those for whom a treatment program is deemed necessary and is the least structured and restrictive of all of program continuum of services ranging from Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Continuing Care.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

The services will begin with an assessment, using the ASAM PPC-2R, to determine appropriate level of care, an intake session to gather information for issues to address on an individual basis for the treatment plan, individual and group sessions. It is the program provided for those for whom a treatment program is deemed necessary and is the least structure and restrictive of all of program continuum of services ranging from Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Continuing Care. The Fresh Start ADIS program is deed for participants 18 years old or older who do not have a chemical dependence diagnosis.

It is the program provided for those whom an educational versus treatment program is deemed necessary and is the least structure and restrictive of the entire program continuum of services. The program consists of two primary phases. Upon program entry, clients will participate in a weeks Intensive Outpatient Program IOP that will include 10 Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap service hours each week: 3 two-hour group therapy sessions; 1 one-hour individual therapy session; and 2 ninety-minute psycho educational groups.

Clients who successfully complete the IOP will be advanced to Phase II, which is a four week outpatient step-down program that will include 1 one-hour individual therapy session and 1 one-hour aftercare group each week. For example, we will provide Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training, EMDR and psychotherapy in conjunction with standard substance abuse and dependence treatment topics, such as, the Disease of Addiction and Relapse Prevention. All clients will receive an Integrated Psychosocial Assessment IPA deed to identify cooccurring psychiatric and substance use disorder.

If recommended by the IPA, clients will be referred for psychiatric care, including medication management. The groups will also, on occasion, include interactive therapeutic exercises. The program will honor the physical and spiritual components of addiction and mental health issues by providing an array of services through referrals and contracts with various providers.

These services include acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, massage and naturopathy, and may include others as need arises. There is a vast body of research MAST study among others that indicate psychotherapy in conjunction with step support provide clients the best chance for long-term treatment success.

During the program, clients will be required to attend two step recovery meetings each week, either NA or AA, and must be able to document their attendance. Staff will help clients orient to meetings and process their experience as a way of helping them integrate 12step programs into their recovery processes. We will also help clients attain sponsorship by establishing close relationships with different step groups and members.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

Our goal is to bridge the gap between mental health and substance abuse treatment in our community by developing a whole-person approach to treatment provided by highly trained, experienced and d providers.

We are in the planning stages of this program and welcome your feedback, insights and experience as we move forward. This information is with respect to their personal, medical, social, legal, mental, and substance abuse as history. Hope also recommends aftercare services to some patients as needed. All programs have a fixed rate that is disclosed to the patient prior to services as well as a sliding scale fee payment for individuals under financial constraints.

Hope Counseling Center also has the ability to bill insurance companies for individuals who are experiencing medical complications as a result of substance abuse if carried by the consumer.

Drunk Ketchikan Alaska looking asap

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