Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

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Not long after Mike Hameluck's winch was swiped from the back of his truck two weeks ago in a Selkirk, Man. Hameluck instantly recognized it as his own. It was even still in the bag he'd packed it in. So with the Kijiji ad in hand — along with parking lot security footage from a nearby store that showed the winch being stolen, plus images of the robber's vehicle and licence plate — he went back to the RCMP, where he had already reported the theft.

Hameluck told CBC's Information Radio host Marcy Markusa he was told the Manitoba man im looking 4 u ased to his case wouldn't be reporting to work until later that night, so he would have to wait for an update. Instead of taking the chance that the tool would sell and be lost forever, Hameluck said he offered up a suggestion of his own. I'll try to do a sting. And while RCMP now say they've arrested someone in connection with the theft, Hameluck said he wishes they would have moved faster.

Because the tool had already been sold, police weren't able to get back the stolen item. When you've got an actual video, you've got licence plate s, you've got the whole thing right there in front of you, you think that that's a win," Hameluck said.

Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Julie Courchaine said she can see why someone in Hameluck's situation would be upset, but police can't jump on each case with the same level of dedication. She also cautioned people not to try to set up "stings" where they confront suspected thieves reselling items online.

And while an arrest was made in Hameluck's case, Courchaine said it's often tough for police to prove an item is stolen because many people don't keep serial s or photos of their posessions. For people looking to buy online, she cautioned to keep an eye out for als that suggest something isn't quite right. While buyers can't be held responsible for purchasing items they don't know are stolen, they also can't be "wilfully blind.

Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Or if [it seems] too good to be true, it probably is," Courchaine said. She suggested asking sellers for their items' serial s, which prospective buyers can use to search on the Canadian Police Information Centre's Manitoba man im looking 4 u to see if something has been reported stolen. Even looking at what the seller has listed in the past, or consulting reviews if that's an option, is good practice, she said.

Courchaine did not have statistics on this particular type of crime in Manitoba, but said overall property crime in the province went down by 18 per cent from to She said she suspects that was in part due to so many people working from home during the pandemic, which left thieves with fewer opportunities to target homes.

Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

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Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

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Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

Comments are welcome while open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. the conversation Create. Already have an ? Manitoba Manitoba man frustrated by slow police response to stolen item on Kijiji Mike Hameluck thought he was handing police a win when he delivered them an ad showing his stolen winch for sale online, plus surveillance footage that showed the theft in progress and the robber's licence plate. By the time they arrested someone, it was too late. Social Sharing. Seller robbed in Kijiji deal has advice for others using online marketplaces St.

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Hecla, Manitoba man im looking 4 u

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Manitoba man frustrated by slow police response to stolen item on Kijiji