Hector MN cheating wives

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 23rd of April Report. Introduction: Wife can't resist temptation. Myths, Tales and Rumors by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Read and enjoy. Friday morning, Jane was pouring another cup of coffee as she just finished giving her husband a loving kiss and sent him off to work.

She sat and began to organize her mind of the chores she needed to accomplish. Change the bedding, laundry, shopping Her mind wondered about the last couple of weeks, their love making had slacked off. As she was mentally planning her day, the door bell rang. Jane went to the door and as soon as she opened it, in barged her friend Emily. What did Randolph do to piss you off?

Hector MN cheating wives

I got out of the shower, guess what? He was asleep on the bed, still dressed. I bet you will attack Randolph when he gets home tonight. One of them said she heard that black men were better lovers than white men, they had stamina and could fuck for hours. They admitted to each other that they were going to fuck him when they Hector MN cheating wives the chance. The part that they all had fat long cocks.

Those myths have been around for ever. She found a sheer babydoll with crotchless panties. She was now praying that he would not be too tired when he got home. She planned to meet him at the door with a glass of wine wearing her new nighty. Maybe I might find a real man. Once you cool down, it will be OK.

They rushed to the bedroom where Jane began to suck his cock into her mouth as Hector finished removing his shirt. Jane was pushed away as Hector pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. His face went between her legs and began to lap at her wet labia and clit.

He was turned on that her panties were crotchless. Jane was nearing her first orgasm as Hector pulled up and inserted his cock into her.

Hector MN cheating wives

He began to pump his cock violently and then spewed his sperm into her womb. They laid together for a few minutes and then Hector rolled off and fell asleep. Jane was left unsatisfied, rolled over and fumed. Right now, she was ready for a stiff drink too. Jane began crying and went to eat the dinner she had made.

Hector MN cheating wives

She stirred it around on her plate for a few minutes and then dumped the whole dinner in the trash. She started to think Emily was right, she needed a man to please her. Saturday morning, Hector came into the kitchen and poured his coffee. Who the fuck did I marry? Hector grabbed his golf bag and left for most of the day. Her eyes began to water up and she Hector MN cheating wives from the kitchen, stripped and got into the shower.

She felt the soothing water cascade over her body as she wondered if black men were batter lovers. He was so fast, I hardly felt his cock. Would a black man give me the pleasure Emily was taking about? Some were hard, some flaccid, some light brown, some coal black. Her mind began reeling, the thoughts of those cocks fucking into her vagina, specially dark black against her white skin. She brought up more pictures All seemed to be average in the eight inch range, a good two inches more than her husband.

When she saw some to be twelve to fourteen inches long, her mouth began to drool as her pussy muscles spasmed. She then searched for interracial sex She watched two short videos of a white woman being fucked by a black man with a monster cock, screaming to be fucked harder. She shut down the computer and had to wipe her pussy dry as she began to calm and breath normally again. That night, no interest from Hector.

She just curled up in bed, she tried to get to sleep. She had hoped for some sort of intimacy. Unable to sleep, she then went to the study to watch more videos. At least, her fingers helped with her wet and spasming pussy as she watched more interracial porn videos, white women screaming to be fucked as black cocks were thrust into them. That night, after Hector went to sleep, she went into the study and turned on the computer.

Like before, her search was for interracial porn. For two hours, she watched white women being impaled by fat, long black cocks. She pictured herself to be the white woman in the videos. Monday morning, she saw her husband off to work and then ran to Hector MN cheating wives study to boot up the computer. As she waited, she poured another cup of coffee and returned to the study. She had become obsessed with interracial porn. As she started a video, the door bell rang. When she opened the door, Emily was standing there with a smile across her face.

He took me to a motel and fucked me for three yours. He filled my pussy with cum four times. It was fantastic. What the fuck girl. He went into me farther than any man has ever gone. My pussy is still stretched out and I think I still have some of his cum in me, he was real deep. That looks like the cock that ruined my pussy Friday night. Did you fuck a black guy? Are you going to confess that you cheated? Now tell me what happened. He was big, husky and made my pussy shudder and leak.

We talked a bit, he saw my rings and asked where my husband was.

Hector MN cheating wives

His hand went to my thigh, right at the hem of my skirt and I was so turned on, my legs spread. His fingers went right under my panties and into my pussy. He asked me if we should go somewhere that was more private. It seemed like in an instant he had a motel room and we were stripping each other.

That cock was the biggest, most marvelous thing I have ever seen. That one in the video looks good and big, something you need in your pussy. I would Hector MN cheating wives so guilty and he would know something was wrong, he would see it in my eyes. You should come along, you should meet him. I think you need to have a night out, a few drinks and let your hair down. Maybe it would be good to get out of the house. Emily said that on the way back to the bar, she was oozing cum soaking her skirt and the seat of his car.

For the rest of the week, Jane spent her spare time at the computer, masturbating while watching white women being fucked by black men. On Thursday, she then searched for interracial gang bangs. Her eyes were wide open as her fingers frantically fucked her pussy and clit.

Hector MN cheating wives Hector MN cheating wives

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