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Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado

Feminist and Gender Studies Website. Feminist and Gender Studies fosters inquiry into modalities of power as they are mediated by gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity, class, nation and citizenship, age, and ability. Through teaching, scholarship, and service, we study and develop these interdisciplinary and feminist theories and critical practices in collaboration with artists, activists, and scholars at Colorado College and beyond. The aim of Feminist and Gender Studies is to embody a feminist ethos of critical engagement and responsiveness that is attentive to shifting relations of power; to be an intellectual, political, and creative space for the pursuit of exemplary collaborative initiatives locally, regionally, nationally, and transnationally; and to remain conversant with myriad intellectual legacies while reimagining the possibilities of feminist knowledge and practice.

Students seeking to major in Feminist and Gender Studies must complete 14 units, which includes two units FG and FG deated for the senior capstone project. All electives must be approved by the major advisor. Major Checklist. Students seeking to minor in Feminist and Gender Studies must complete 6 units.

No senior capstone or integrative experience project is required for minors. All electives must be approved by the major advisor and none of these may include cross-listed courses. Minor Checklist. An examination of feminism in Asia. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity of goals and strategies adopted by Asian women for liberating themselves from oppressive attitudes and customs as well as for empowering them. Traditional philosophical works, contemporary literature, film, and journal articles by Asian women will be consulted.

Not offered This, however, is just one example of the debates that ensue regarding the causes and consequences of various forms of protest, especially that which is entrenched in discourses about race, gender, sexuality, and other social, cultural, and political markers. Summer only Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. How sex roles shape our experiences. Sources and consequences of the differences between males and females.

Biological processes, participation in the economy and the family. Possibilities for and consequences of changing sex roles. What does it mean to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? Studies a critical consciousness on LGBTQ issues that recognizes the ways gender and sexuality are complicated by intersectional experiences of race, class, and nationality. This course investigates the differences and similarities between male and female communication in contemporary American society within the framework of communication and feminist theory from a of contexts, including interpersonal communication in family contexts and the work environment, public communication about gender in the media, and interpersonal and mediated communication in the education system.

An introduction to feminist theology and ethics in the Christian and Judaic tradition, with attention to such issues as God, love, justice, community, sexuality, liberation, and ecofeminism. An examination of research and theory on psychological gender differences and similarities. This course will explore the ways in which gender is a system of meanings that operate at the individual, interactional, and cultural level to structure people's Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado. Special attention is made to methodological issues, and to feminist critiques of traditional methods of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

What does it mean to be 'mad'? Is madness in the eyes of the beholder? This course examines the concept of madness as it has been applied to women from historical, psychological, social and feminist perspectives. Our goal will be to critically examine the diagnostic criteria used by the psychiatric community and popular culture to case material and investigate the 'logic' of madness, asking to what extent madness might be a reasonable response to unreasonable conditions.

This course will include a careful consideration of the rising use Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado psychopharmacology, particularly in the treatment of depression in women. Surveys and historicizes feminist theories, including, but not limited to, Black feminism, Transnational feminism, Xicanisma, Marxist feminism, Transfeminism, and Ecofeminism. This course encourages students to understand feminist theory as a multivocal intellectual project grounded in shifting geopolitical conjunctures. A survey of women artists in Western Europe and America from ancient to modern times, contrasting feminist and conventional perspectives.

Social and historical context as well as special problems faced by women. Why have there been so few 'great' women artists? Are there qualities unique to women's art? Meets the Critical Learning: HP requirement. Emphasizes ways of connecting, synthesizing, and employing theories and concepts, continuing to pay attention to foundational texts and concepts, while recognizing the always shifting landscape of the field. Asments require intermediate-level independent thinking and research skills.

Courses and instructors vary annually. We will examine theories of race, class, and gender construction in the United States and other societies, focusing on their intersections in such areas as labor, sexual relations, community, law, and other forms of cultural production. We will analyze 'identity politics' as a standpoint and as vehicle for, or obstacle to, social change. Examines feminist approaches, modes of inquiry, and debates about the politics of knowledge production.

Studies the competencies necessary for analyzing mass media codes and conventions and interpreting the meanings and ideologies generated by texts in TV, film, radio, internet, and other industries, especially regarding how race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, citizenship, and other social, cultural, and political markers are constructed. Examines the impetuses for and implications of these constructions, including the ways in which they are revised, resisted, and reproduced.

Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado

Examines how the identities of marginalized communities in Berlin, such as Black Germans, Jewish Germans, Turkish Germans, migrants, refugees, victims of Neo-Nazi terrorism and police brutality, and LGBTQI communities, are predicated on racism, heterosexism, colonialism, imperialism, and other forms of oppression. Additionally, considers how these communities resist, reject, revise, and reproduce these narratives as they construct their own subjectivities.

The interconnections between feminism and ecology. Ecofeminism explores the links between systems of domination such as sexism, racism, economic exploitation and the ecological crisis. We will assess criticism of ecofeminism and evaluate the potential of this philosophy for political practice. The course will consider the scientific description of women at various historical periods and its impact on the social experiences of women. We will explore the lives and work on individual women scientists and assess their contribution to science.

We will examine the current feminist critiques of science. Analyzes how the veiling practices of Muslim women have been an object of scrutiny, commentary, disavowal and incitement to discourse ever since 19th century Western travelers began writing about the Muslim women they encountered and the veils that concealed them from their sight. We will also examine a of contemporary debates and controversies about the veiling practices of Muslim minorities in the US and Europe in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Meets the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures requirement. Introduces students to a transnational feminist approach by critically analyzing gendered controversies from different historical-political conjunctures and parts of the world. Among the questions that this course will ask: What gendered practices tend to elicit Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado outrage?

What kinds of power relations does this outrage both depend on and enable? Which bodies tend to become the objects of moral panic? What anxieties are articulated, projected and displaced through these controversies? And what can we learn about modernity, colonialism, multiculturalism, feminism, humanitarianism, and power by analyzing the politics of such gendered controversies from a critical transnational feminist perspective?

Female presence in art, literature and religion compared to treatment of women in their respective cultures. Theoretical approaches to the understanding of myth Comparative, Jungian, Structuralist in relation to myths as they are encoded in their specific cultures. Students may trace a myth through Medieval, Renaissance and modern transformations in Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado, music, poetry and film, or study myth in other cultures e.

Norse and Celtic. Examines the role of women from French colonies in Africa and Caribbean in the anti-colonial Negritude movement in the first half of the twentieth century. Studies how the ideology and values of the Negritude movement engaged with the major political and aesthetic ideologies of the day. Students have the option of reading the class material in the original French for French or Comparative Literature credit. An introduction to the anthropological study of the modern Middle East and its diasporas that foregrounds how gender and sexuality are inhabited, embodied and negotiated in everyday life by differently situated individuals and communities.

Themes for the course include the modern refashioning of gender and sexuality; agency, power and subjectivity; law and citizenship; piety and secularity; feminism, multiculturalism and the politics of translation.

Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado

These themes are explored through richly contextualized historical, ethnographic, autobiographical, and fictional s in places as diverse as Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, as well as in various diasporic locations including France and Germany. Considers dominant representations of the region and the normative assumptions about tradition, modernity, religion, secularism, law, gender, family and sexuality underlying them.

This course will focus on a comparative study of the voice of Chinese women writers in the s and s, examine women writers' works in a social-historical context, and discuss the Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado of women's places and problems in traditional Chinese culture and modern Chinese society. The course will also try to define the similar and different expressions of 'feminism' as a term in the West and the East. Focus on how conservative Roman republican ideals were reconciled in an increasingly Hellenized empire dominated by an imperial dynasty.

Topics include the changing status of traditional gender types and established class systems, the role of rulers, women and freedmen in Tacitus, Juvenal Martial, Suetonius, Seneca, Apuleius, Lucian, Plutarch, Aristides, Dio Chysostom and Claudian. Attention Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado also be given to representations of women and imperial families in art and statuary.

How has liberalism answered these questions? How does consideration of gender challenge liberal theories such as contract, individual rights, and human nature? Readings in both political theory and in feminist literature.

Examines human sexualities, especially personal, social, political, and cultural concepts about sex and sexuality, from a feminist framework that is rooted in intersectionality—a perspective that considers how power, race, class, gender, sex, and ethnicity shape our experiences. Additionally, the course focuses on sex research, sex education, sex behaviors, economies of sex work, and mediated representations of sex, such as erotica, Kink, and pornography Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. How do musical experiences help define gender roles and sexuality?

These experiences are examined across a wide range of musical genres and cultural contexts. How might gender and sexual identity be shaped, for example, by writing the biography of a homosexual classical composer, ing a community of heavy metal fans, singing as an Italian castrato, or a 19th-century Indian courtesan, impersonating Elvis?

Theoretical approaches drawn from feminist studies, gender and sexuality studies, and queer theory. This course examines the interaction of women's musical lives with politics, society, and spirituality, and will focus primarily on the twentieth century.

In addition to twentieth century women, we will also review the lives of women frame drummers of earliest history, as well as the seminal figures Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, and the mystic visionary Hildegard von Bingen. Women's diaries and oral histories will be a major source for the class, as well as video and extensive listening to recordings. Women in American society, from colonial times toincluding issues of race, class and servitude; transformations in pre-industrial work and family relationships; women and slavery; women and religion; women's efforts to reorder their lives and society.

Women in American society from to the present, including Victorian women on the pedestal and in the factory; social and domestic feminism in the progressive era; work in the home; urban women; immigrant and minority women; women in wartime; contemporary feminism. An exploration of construction of gender and the status of women in Hindu, Islamic, and Buddhist cultures, with attention to both texts and practices. Readings survey a variety of topics including marriage, sexuality, sati, Islamic law, devotion, renunciation, and tatra. Economic agreements, existence of multinational corporations, information technology, and dissemination of popular culture all remind us that globalism is real, diminishing national boundaries and changing people's lives.

This course will cover issues women encounter globally. Utilizing comparative historical perspective we will study the role of religion, nationalism, and secularism in shaping women's roles. We will also examine issues such as women's roles in political parties and governments, education, health and the effect of international agreements on women's status. An exploration of the social history of the American family from its extended kinship form through the development of the nuclear family ideal, to the more valid forms existing in contemporary society.

Emphasis is placed on how gender and race structure relationships within the family as well as the family forms themselves.

Ladies seeking sex Lewis Colorado

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