Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia

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In this experiment we find that a lot of the bars that were the places to be in the sdo not exist anymore.

Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia

Although some have evolved into something different, some of them have disappeared entirely or as in one case actually sank in the Ohio River. We do remember excellent chicken sandwiches, and one time we all got our asses kicked in the parking lot. We also remember sunken floors and secret rooms? She still stands there today, most likely for sale for a good price. This jukebox geared more country, and we remember colorful decor, but not that much to tell the truth.

Today the footprint is covered by a housing project. We remember this North Wheeling establishment most resembling something from a big East Coast city. Was Zima Ice Beer? The place still stands today, and like the Cork and Bottle, looks vacant and is probably for sale.

The picture below shows the still in operation McClure Housebut where the heck was this place? This was a place for dancing; the bathroom was always really crowded, but there was an available alley, just not sure; we need your help here.

I think most people agree that this place sucked pretty bad. But the fact that it was on a barge off of 48th St. There have to be so many Weelunk stories about this place. We remember when the FBI came to check IDs, not sure if they came by boat or not; we had some stellar fakes and got by. Again the barge SANK, so this is what it looks like today. It was in Fulton and was the Wheeling icon of this time period.

Yes, it is now Generationsand we think it is under the same ownership, but it is not the same place at all. The first time we went to the Swing Club, five of us used the same fake ID, and I think we might have been juniors in high school. The downstairs was the place to chill, and the upstairs the place to dance.

Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia

We remember the sound of every downed beer bottle breaking after the bartender threw it down the Woodsdale laundry style-chute. We remember very tight quarters and a secret room in the back. And we remember songs like these on the jukebox:.

I can tell you some stories about Bars in Wheeling that my family owned back in the days of paddle wheel river boats. My great grandfather owned a bar on the banks of the Ohio River. Made enough money to Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia in 16 years. After a short retirement he sold the bar on the Ohio and bought two new bars in Fulton. Gave one to each of this 2 sons just before Prohibition started. My grandfather made enough money selling boot-leg whiskey to buy 32 houses in Fulton.

I may have missed an entry. Got a bit tired of the duplicate posts. We had a great time there. How about the Blue Caboose?? I remember after tin pan alley closed some guys used the bottom floor as a key club. Many a nights we crawled out of there when the sun was coming up. Think the Steelers loved the Bucket when they held their training camp at West Lib. Who can forget Big Daddy Lipscomb? Men only. Right next to St. The list continues to grow.

We sold them by the dozen. The backroom was added to the bar for the new college students at that time. John and Della were very good to me and treated me like family. I miss them. I helped Dr. Lough with this transition…. Who remembers the The Down Underdrinking,heavy metal musicand beach volleyball. What a blast!!!! Lots of stories there. Oh this is making me mad!!! First who wrote this a ten year old? First the eagle two was the greatest bar of all time and I should know because I bartended at most of the bars in wheeling and the cork and bottle was the second greatest!

Sad to hear no mention of Tin Pan Alleythe elbow room, the next door or Howard johnsons the under glass and of course ernies esquire! Geez really. I played all those ts. Tanya tucker to usef to leabe thay placr sun coming up birdies singing. Z Club, Sahara Club. What was the lounge inside the motel next to the Wheeling Subspension Bridge.

The office was on 12th street next to the post office?? And almost directly across the street from the greyhound. There were quite a few places in those years that had music. I remember the Diamond Lounge for the jazz on Monday nights after the stores closed at The year was I believe was it was my first job playing music. Does anyone remember the name of this lounge?

Then head out the creek. Kind of a dive but there was the Southside Inn South Wheeling that had the Beer-ador beer frig, very cool! Very exciting. Thank you for those memories; I had forgot the names of those two places. Discovered this internet site after recently thinking of a bar in Patterson, Elm Grove, called Porters. I used to feel such comfort in those bars; the peanuts and snacks, the dim lighting and warmth. Thank you again.

Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia

Im surprised nobody mentioned The Oddessy Lounge sit on 16th St. Fun times. The oddesy was the place in the 70s hands down. Downtown whg had so many bars in walking distance. The island had over 20 bars in the 70 s. I grew up there. Never had to leave or drive. It was Great. Absolutely the cleanest place in town! The girls from St.

Great place yrs ago. Man oh man, all the gals posting their memories of the old Wheeling bars. I remember every one of YOU! Hoowa …. And then catch the final show at the Palace. Where have all the flowers gone!!!!!!! The Villa was where we The WLU Rowdies hung out and studied for tests…albeit over a pitcher or two and a cheese plate. A friend and myself were out on dates with our girlfriends. We had dinner at the Peking Garden on 12th St. Too funny. The Club Villa in Warwood moved from below the bank to another basement location a few blocks north.

You entered down a secluded and dimly lit, long, narrow hallway then down carpeted steps to the door with a buzzer. A dark, cozy, friendly, uncrowded neighborhood pub. Great place for a quiet date fueled with a large or small pitcher s. It was originally owned by retired county and city official Hal Kain who ran it with a cordial but strict discipline. Ownership later changed to local sports writer Cliff McWilliams. Many wonderful divorces started out in that place. Used yo sneak down to Jolly Roger. From PA. Across state lines at 15 with my 18 year old bot friend.

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Late night chat maybe Wheeling West Virginia

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Late night chat maybe wheeling west virginia