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DATE: Jul. All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Summary: Light rain tomorrow through next Sunday. Log In. Fort Lewis College. Man stabs himself in neck while in Animas River year-old in critical but stable condition at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood. Weekly planner for July Information and agendas about local meetings: City of Durango: www.

La Plata County: www. Town of Bayfield Students in Ignacio must s USDA offers assistance to timber harvesters, haulers Loggers and truckers Local 1546 - adult personals page apply. Denver Police officers responded to the shooting at a. The woman and man were taken to hospitals, wh Legal clinic, picnic celebrate creation of immigrant legal defense fund Statewide fund could award grants for legal services next year.

Two small fires burn in east La Plata County Blazes were sparked by lightning. Can police and mental health workers really team up? In Durango, the answer is yes Cross-disciplinary team pairs law enforcement with social workers to de-escalate conflicts. Durango Demons dominate national mountain bike races in Winter Park Four teens win titles in first-ever competition for high school students From left, Maggie Holcomb, Bailey Cioppa, Ruth Holcomb and Ivan Sippy wearing the national championship jerseys they won in their individual races in Winter Park.

The mean that Durango High School holds the first ever high school mountain bike national title. While high school mountain bike racing has been exploding in popularity, this is the first year there has been a National Championship event for the student athletes. The racers also saw success in the non-high school championship races. Ruth Holcomb raced to victory in both the cross country and short track cross country races in the junior category, while Maggie Holcomb won the short track and placed second in the junior cross country race.

Sippy came home with a pair of second-place finishes in the events, and Cioppa finished in third in both events. I went a little harder than I would have liked on the first hill and that's definitely my fault.

Local 1546 - adult personals page

And then I just kind of rode pretty clean down the hills. Then the next lap, it was all good, but honestly, the best part was the Taylor Swift the whole time, and being out with my best friends. As his coach and team leader, I want to express my gratitude to the real people who shaped this kid not only to ride bikes really fast but also as a compassionate and genuine good person. The elder Sippy, who also serves as the director of Local 1546 - adult personals page Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, hopes that the inaugural event will boost high school cycling throughout the country as well as locally.

Durango Demons dominate national mountain bike races in Winter Park. Four teens win titles in first-ever competition for high school students. Will child tax credit expansion be made permanent? Bennet thinks so Colorado Democrat unsure how long it might take to get payments extended Bennet U.

Payments began last week under the expansion, which was part of the American Rescue Plan, the massive coronavirus aid bill passed by congressional Democrats in March. Bennet has been pushing for the expanded credit for years and made it a key pillar of his unsuccessful presidential campaign. Democrats have 50 seats in the chamber, which gives them a majority thanks to the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. But Bennet said the expansion through is not a given. Marco Rubio of Florida recently wrote. I think all of us, as Americans, have a reason to not want childhood poverty to be a pertinent feature of our economy or a pertinent feature of our democracy and I think that our children The most secure way to receive a payment is through a banksaid Local 1546 - adult personals page Ferrell, executive director of Denver Asset Building Coalition, a nonpartisan nonprofit.

Ferrell and her team can help set up a bank for free or at a low cost to help people access the benefit. The Colorado Sun is a reader-supported, nonpartisan news organization dedicated to covering Colorado issues. To learn more, go to coloradosun. Bennet thinks so. Colorado Democrat unsure how long it might take to get payments extended. Mark Redwine guilty of killing his son Jury verdicts are handed to Jeffrey R. Wilson, chief judge of the 6th Judicial District, before he re them, announcing that Mark Redwine is guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in the death of his son, Dylan.

Mark Redwine guilty of killing his son. The decision came after about six hours of jury deliberations. Redwine, wearing a green tie, black shirt and dark pants, showed no emotion. He stood with both hands clasped in front of him, and sat calmly after the verdicts were read. The jury heard about six hours of closing arguments before going into deliberations about p.

The court announced jurors had reached a verdict shortly before 2 p. He faces up to 48 years in prison. He is being held in the La Plata County Jail without bail. Prosecutors said Redwine killed his son in a fit of rage on Nov. He returned home to find Dylan missing, a bowl of cereal on the table and the television turned to Nickelodeon. They suggested harm may have befallen Dylan by a stranger or wildlife in the rugged backcountry north of Vallecito Reservoir.

Divorce proceedings between Hall and Redwine lasted from to with ongoing custody disputes. Redwine faces up to 48 years in prison. Hikers found his skull in Hall filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Redwine in Junewhich was dismissed based on statute of limitations. Redwine was indicted in in connection with the disappearance of his son because of blood found in the home belonging to Dylan. The prosecution and defense opposed providing the transcripts, and Wilson agreed.

Less than a half hour later, jurors announced they had reached a verdict. Jury verdicts are handed to Jeffrey R. Jury finds Mark Redwine guilty of killing his son. His client, Mark Redwine, right, and fellow public defender John Moran listen to the remarks. Wilson, chief judge of the 6th Judicial District, listens to closing arguments Thursday. Mark Redwine trial closing arguments. Jury begins deliberations after closing arguments in Redwine case Prosecutors ask jurors to use common sense; defense team focuses on reasonable doubt Public defender Justin Bogan finishes his closing argument Thursday in Durango with his client, Mark Redwine, to his right and fellow public defender John Moran to his left.

A confrontation caused Redwine to kill his son, prosecutors say. The defense argues there is not enough physical evidence to prove Redwine killed his son. Jurors began deliberations about p. It was the second juror to be dismissed, but only 12 jurors were needed, and the trial started with 16 jurors, including four alternates.

Local 1546 - adult personals page

At its core, Dougherty said it is a simple and tragic case: Who was the last person seen with Dylan? Who was with Dylan the moment he sent his last text message? The father killed his son and disposed of the body, Dougherty said in closing arguments Thursday in Durango. But he was ordered to do so as part of a custody agreement. His mother, Elaine Hall, contacted her attorney in an attempt to get Dylan out of it. Hall, watching in the spectators benches, wiped away tears as Dougherty finished his closing argument.

The worst nightmare a parent can have. When you send a text at as Elaine did on the night of Nov. Mark Redwine killed him and should be held fully responsible, fully able. Redwine dumped the body in the rugged backcountry northeast of Vallecito Reservoir to cover his Local 1546 - adult personals page, he said. Redwine likely wanted to further hide the skull because it showed the most evidence of foul play, Dougherty told jurors. All those things were robbed. Dylan likely went on a walk early Nov. Cadaver dogs aling to the odor of human remains at the house is not reliable enough, either, Bogan said.

But Dougherty argued the case was investigated and mulled over for years. The marks on the cranium are consistent with animal damage. They like those pictures better than the fact that the DNA evidence is contradictory and underwhelming.

And because they are kind of a freaky bad person, they probably would be the sort of person to kill their youngest son if they fought for him, to get custody of him, after a really bad divorce for five years. You look at them like: Does this motive make sense. Redwine is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in the death of his son, Dylan. Dougherty described the difference between first-degree and second-degree murder.

First-degree murder, he said, is when someone acts intentionally, like when a couple have an altercation and one waits for the other to come home and shoots that person with a handgun. Second-degree murder, he said, occurs when someone acts knowingly, like when a couple are arguing in the kitchen and one person becomes upset with the other and hits her on the head with a frying pan.

The statement was so out of left field that Brandon contacted law enforcement that day, Dougherty said. Redwine appeared laid back when Dylan vanished and threw away pictures of his son in August Outside the courtroom, most family members declined to comment about the trial. Jury begins deliberations after closing arguments in Redwine case.

Prosecutors ask jurors to use common sense; defense team focuses on reasonable doubt. Redwine, who is accused of killing his son, Dylan, also announced he will not take the witness stand in his own defense. Rebuttal witnesses put on by prosecutors concluded Wednesday and closing arguments are expected to begin as soon as Thursday morning after instructions are read to the jury. But over time, the two lost touch. On Tuesday, a local postal worker in the area testified that she may have seen Dylan with another boy the day he went missing.

But during rebuttal testimony, it was revealed the mail carrier, Angela Lee, likely saw Jaquelin George and a boy from the neighborhood who resembled Dylan. George testified Wednesday that Crawford and Dylan looked Local 1546 - adult personals page similar, and George was perceived as a tomboy when she was. Defense team rests case; Mark Redwine declines to testify. A defense expert testified Tuesday that there was no of a ificant bloodletting event in the living room.

Richard Eikelenboom said the often-used chemical agent luminol detects traces of blood at crime scenes not perceivable to the naked eye, including after a suspect attempts to clean the scene.

Local 1546 - adult personals page

The chemical reacts to certain compounds in substances, like iron in blood, and creates a blue glow. But he told the jury luminol is not an entirely reliable tool because other substances, like bleach, can give off fluorescence. Traces of blood were found in several locations of the living room, including on a couch cushion, love seat cushion, floor underneath a rug, rug in front of a loveseat and a coffee table. But most of those locations created small points of illumination using luminol, some as small as a dime.

Those could have been the result of getting a small cut, flossing or picking a scab, Eikelenboom said. Some blood dripped in the living room, Alexander said, where trace elements were found. Prosecutors say Redwine killed his son in a fit of rage after Dylan confronted him about sordid photos. Witness testimony and closing arguments are expected to conclude this week, and jurors could begin deliberations as soon as Thursday or Friday. Mark Redwine is suspected of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. If cleanup of blood is attempted, it is nearly impossible to remove all traces, he said.

Cleanup also differs by the surface.

Local 1546 - adult personals page

Smooth surfaces, like a hard floor or table, are easier to clean. But other surfaces like carpet are more difficult, he said. Small illuminations can show up even in a home where no murder or ificant bloodletting occurred, he said.

Local 1546 - adult personals page

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