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Thousands of hate incidents against Asian people across the country have been documented by advocacy groups in the last year, ranging in severity from spitting to the unprovoked push of an year-old Thai American man in San Francisco who died of his injuries a few days later. These incidents have prompted the renewal of conversations about security in Asian American neighborhoods, privilege, solidarity and even anti-Blackness in response to the violence.

Looking for a asian or black gurl

That last element, activists say, devalues the decades of coalition building and allyship between Asian American and Black communities. But Russell Jeung, a professor of Asian American studies at San Francisco State University and co-founder of Stop AAPI Hatenotes that efforts to create a racial wedge between such groups only empowers the white supremacy that makes racist violence possible.

Looking for a asian or black gurl

We need to dismantle white supremacy together. This is not lost on organizers and activists who have worked to combat this narrative for decades. With that, here are a few ways for people to practice solidarity and allyship with Asian American communities. Through education it becomes easier to recognize bigotry as linked to a larger history of violence, said Alvina Wong, of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network. There are a host of disparities within these communities.

For instance, Vietnamese Americans have a much higher poverty rate than Japanese Americans, according to a report. I think people could do their due diligence to seeking it out and learning it up. In Oakland, California, hundreds of people have volunteered to escort fearful elders on walks and errands around Chinatown.

It necessitates everybody taking responsibility to care for one another.

Looking for a asian or black gurl

Organizing has always been key to liberation efforts for several oppressed groups, whether it be through planning solidarity marches, mutual aid efforts, or even approaching government leaders. Lai Wa Wu of the Chinese Progressive Association said that participating in such groups is a great way to be an active ally to Asian American communities.

This could mean helping to fund culturally competent resource centers, programs and services, Wong added. Experts have noted that the recent violence against Asian Americans has led to calls for increased policing.

As news of the attacks on Asian Americans made headlines, actors Daniel Dae Kim and Daniel Wu donated thousands to a reward to find the suspect in one such attack. At first glance, this may seem like a helpful move but, activists said, such rewards only affirm police power and presence and ignore the long history of violence Asian Americans have faced at the hands of police. Police have continued to harass Asian immigrant workers … police target Asian sex workers and asylum-seekers.

When something happens, check in on each other as you would your own loved one. Help guide them through what they need, be there to show you care and that you are with them. Bystander intervention describes a situation in which a person not directly involved in an incident steps in to change the outcome.

The term is largely used when discussing sexual violencebut organizers say the practice can be used in any context. And I think that's something that we can all equip ourselves with. Political solidarity also means that we are not equally affected by injustice, but what can we do together to create a world where all of our communities can thrive? IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Politics U. Share this —. Follow NBC News. By Char Adams. Char Adams.

Looking for a asian or black gurl Looking for a asian or black gurl

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