Looking for someone to come riding with me

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Simple as that. Hearing from tons of media outlets around the clock. Not really being able to put the phone or computer down.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

Imagine being asked about hatred every single day for like three weeks. And then having your message overshadowed by something out of your control. I never saw myself as an activist. And I never thought I would be at the center of a national conversation about race and sports.

Then … everything in the world just shifted. And I became that guy, for better or for worse. I think the moment was the trigger for me. The Ahmaud Arbery video really shook me to the core and spurred me to stand up and say something. But music does. It might seem crazy, but the heavier it sounds, the more calming and soothing it is for me. I love lonely rides on my motorcycle and just listening to music. I love them so much that I watch the weather obsessively so I never miss a chance to take my bike out on a sunny day.

I actually listen to it to help me think. It came out a few years ago and talks about social injustice and racial inequality in America. The drums, the guitars — everything — just accent the powerful lyrics:. Are we so blind to believe that violence could give birth to peace?

Make every breath a protest in a world where your neighbors cannot breathe.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

I was born in Mobile, Alabama. My first love was basketball. We grew up really close, and she played basketball all the way up until her junior year of college. I remember running around the gyms when I was six, seven, eight years old, following her. I was eight years old, and I had just successfully made it through AAU basketball tryouts for the second year.

After he fixed up the Harley, Chris invited me and my dad out to the track to watch him do his thing one weekend. And that was it.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

We got hooked watching go-karts. From then on, me, my dad, and Chris were at the racetrack together each and every weekend. Me and my dad became more like best friends than father and son. We were always there together, racing together, winning races and losing races, and showing up the next weekend to do it all over again.

We were racing throughout the summer. We were racing five times throughout the week, Monday and Tuesday in Charlotte, and then Wednesday and Thursday in Atlanta. Friday or Saturday was Kentucky or Nashville. We were racing a bunch, just trying to get better and better running with the best competition, and continuing to grow. Racing … I just love, man. The To be honest, I never even looked at it like that. I just went out and did my job, got back on the road and went home, step and repeat.

It was just like, Hey, how many people are in the field tonight? So, I always knew that racism existed. Or if I did, I was too young to understand it. Now I can see it clearly. I remember one time I was pulled over by this cop in Virginia for not using a turn al.

Step out. He must have called for backup because before I knew it, three other cops showed up and searched my car. I was pissed after that. Hell, I got pulled over recently. An undercover cop pulled out in front of me and turned his hazards on, so I went around him, passing a double yellow line. The officer pulled up to the stoplight behind me, got out with his gun out. Not pointed at me, but gun out, ready for something. You sure you can afford it? Just be careful next time. Best of luck next race. All because I spoke up. Now, let me get something straight. But when someone from my community says that this hurts them??

People will say anything to defend it. But make no mistake: It was a war over slavery. It was about the South trying to keep their slaves. And you know what? They LOST!

Looking for someone to come riding with me

The noose thing, especially, has been really hard for me to get a handle on. My crew member was just sitting there talking with some guys in the garage stall. The way he described it, it was just kind of like, Oh, wait a minute, what is that? And so, whoever tied it, tied it and left it there, and that was it.

And moved on. And so, the reason that it sat there is because that was the first time the garage had been used since October. But with everyone hanging around, someone finally had an opportunity to notice something weird about that particular pull. Like, Whoa, wait a minute, this one is tied like a noose. Alright, now that changes things. That certain people would be looking for any little thing to discredit me, no matter the facts. My mom calls me every day. I love racing.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

But sometimes change is good. No, man. See you at the racetrack. I am human. Sometimes, in game, I can make it look like I am not. I do things very fast, yes. I work well with my team, yes. I make lots of plays, yes. But I am.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

When the pandemic started, I guess we all needed to find hobbies to help us pass the time. For me, it was reading. This has been a pretty big year for me — tra. Bubba Wallace Richard Petty Motorsports. Courtesy of Bubba Wallace. Jared C.

Looking for someone to come riding with me

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