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This text is machine-read, and may contain errors. Check the original document to verify accuracy. Contest Rules: Entries accepted o nly fro m incarcerated contestants. Manuscripts must be typewriu en o r legibly handwritte n in English. Contestan ts may subm it o nly o n e e nuy in each catego ry. En tries will no t be re turned unless accompa nied by a self-addressed, stam ped e nvelope.

O nly unpublished manuscripts and ar t will be considered, with the exception or pieces that have appeared in prison publicatio ns. All e ntries become the property of Prison Life, and th e winners will be published in Prison Life magazine. Contest Deadline: October 15, New York.

NV 8. All lcucrs sent IU 1'1 j,cm l. Suite This is a se rious bod y blow to a struggling magaz ine. Califo rnia has th e largest and most po p ulous prison sys tem in the U nited States-overp r iso ners. We shippe d out n earl y te n th o usa n d copies o f th e October issue to the members o f the California Priso ne r's nion. Bann ed in California? I've heard o f be ing ba n ne d in Bostonb ut in Ca li fornia? Plt,ase advise your mailroom slalf lo bPaware of!

The re was no article auac h ed. Th e warde n a t th e federal priso n in Otisvi lle1c w Yor k ban n e d it b ecau se"The magaz ine dcpicLs detailed o Mature black women in Raghey iza ti onal activiti es by inmates d uring eve ra l priso n di s t urba n ce s. At an o the r fe de ra l joim in Big pring. Texas, th e wa rd e n flat out rej ec te d th e wh o le issue without ide ntifying sp ec ific co n te nt. Prison Life h as had an ongoin g struggle with ce nso rship. The State Co rre c tio n a l Institutio n a t Da ll as, Penn sylva nia has consiste n Lly rejected eve ry issue I ed ited a nd p ublishe d.

Great p la nthat. We 've had th e magazi n e thrown o ut o n th e g ro un ds tha t we prim p icture of ta ttoos a nd tattooing is il lega l in p ri son. Anothe r favorite is th e o ld standby: Prison Life publishes le tte rs writte n by prisoners, and as prisoners arc fo rbidde n to cor respon d with ea ch o th e r, the magazine co u ld serve a a means of communicatio n between prisoners.

Sure, li ke we' re going to go throug h th e thousa n d s or le tte rs we re ceive e a c h m on t h a nd print love n ote s between so m e guy in T exas and his crim e pa rtn er in 1 cw York. In ancyet in a way, this rationale - banni ng the magazine because we p rim mate rial wri tte n by priso nersge ts closer to th e truth. Some priso ncra ts-those who loath prisoners and me re ly wan t to make th e m su fferare not th rilled by the prospect of a national magazine that bills itse lf a s t h e "Vo ice of the Co n vic t. We are, in the words of so many, "telling it like it is" and th at ca n on ly b e good for g uards and those who run priso ns if they have nothing to h id e because, as we a ll know, they have to live in th e pri o ns as well.

T h ere is a lot goi ng o n in th e priso ns o f this co untry th;n the freeworld has litde or no understandin g of-m u c h of it as u n settl i ng to g uards and stafT as it is to priso ne rs. Sec a rticle in Block Beat. To q uo te Bo b Gang i, executive director of the Co rr ec ti o n al Associat ion o f N e w York, "There are few areas where the publi c is more mi sinform ed. The craziest thing about banning o ur magaz ine from prisons is that most o f wh at we p u blish is wriuen by priso n e rs. Who is be in g p rotected fr o m th is info rma tio n?

It is th e ir voice we want to make heard so that the rest of America might liste n up a nd qu esti o n the rhetoric o f po litic ians whose o n ly inte rest is in pe rpetuating th e fea r monge ring that gets the m re-elected and keeps the tax paye rs s h e lli n g ou t th e i r hard earne d mon ey to fina nce the building of mo re prisons.

California is we ird. What to do? H ow to d ea l with thi s major ki c k Mature black women in Raghey the tee t h to our plans for growing the magat. I had my you ngest sonDash. Th e piece appeared in practically eve r y n ews pape r in Amer ica. But wh e n re prin ted in Pri. I asked if they couldn ' t just clip the offend ing and kt the rest or th e m agazin e through. I asked. The memo I rece ive d had a hand-written note at the bottom sayin g the. Sh e also to ld m e th a t n ew g uide l ines on ce n Mature black women in Raghey rs hip i n California priso ns were about to be issued and imple mented statewide.

I asked her lO se nd me a copy. T ha t would defe at th e wh ole purpose o f th is m agazine. But I mi g h t thi nk twice abou t incl uding a piece tha t appea rs o n one of th e newswircs if I thin k it could give th e cen sors an excuse to kee p us o ut. We can 't Lake thi s lyin g down.

The s urviva l or Prison Lifi' d epen d s on pen etrating Ame ri ca's many prisons and jai ls, reac hin g th e impriso ned and givi ng them a fo rum. We' ll take the cen sors to coun. We 'll fig ht the ce nsorship issue in the mainstream media. We' ll keep pu blis hin g th e truth abo ut crim e and p un ishm e nt in America. And we ' l l keep re minding th e rest of th e world that wh at made this coun try a g rea t nation was th e idea of freed o m and justice for a ll.

We want to he lp that idea become a rea lity. You 'II circul a te more Just th ink o r a ll the money you could make! He llat least we'd know it'd get into the prisons. But damn, o ur assho les wo uld sure h un from all the bendin' over. Hellin more th an o ne priso nPrison Life magazine is heavy contraband. I figure if the mag ever goes down, I ca n ge t e mployed at some prison as a guard if I change my name and make a Lon of mone y smu gglin g in back issues of o ur rig lueo us rag.

T he issue you hold in your hand is a li vin g d ec la r at io n of you r Constitutional rig hts. T h e m e n an d women who won, and the hundreds o f o th e rs who contributed, are a ll worthy cons, as you ' II sec when you check o ut the swff they've produced. We see gangs as tremendo us P? So we' re publish ing a two-pa rt series on gangs stra ig ht fro m the G's themse lves.

Mature black women in Raghey

We've give n 'bange rs a chan ce to say wa up, witho ut so meone e lse's perspective getting in the way. Kee p in mind, th o ug hthat th1s col lec ti o n and n ext issue is not represe n tat ive of all gangs. Man y leade rs and G 's keep Mature black women in Raghey th emselves. It's not as if we d idn ' t send the word out. The invites are still wide ope n. All you gotta do is pick up a pen. We' ll co ntinue to pubhsh material fro m gangs, m ay b e eve n start a col umn on th e subject. The rest of th e issue leans toward th e inspirat iona l.

We go t ki c k-ass prison an win n e rs throughout, a nd m os t o f o ur usual departme n ts: Bubba, Iro n Pi le, C rim e jacker, In-Celle tc. The re's also an in terview with Oliver Stone, who wrote th e epic prison flick Midnight Exfmss an d directed the co ntrove rsial Natuml Born Killers. So keep tho e pens, penc ils and typewriter go in', and we 'll do the same he re in t h e freeworld. Reme mbe r : Hi Mature black women in Raghey those back issues-ya never know when th e goon squad 's gonna be comi n ' fo r 'em.

Smith, C. T hese o utrellmates of! And that's wh y m itted to p rinting their stories in I' m wri t in g thi. That 's wh y I their wo rds. We also gotta ma ke a riske d b odi ly harm muscling my buck, so we gotta p roduce a magaway o nto Cozzone 's . G rante do ur first two issues we want to h earyou do ha ve a p lace in Prison Life and we d o were pretty macho. We turn ed yo u orr for good. J a nu a ry iss u e, and in the next women for o n ly six per- issue yo u 'll be pleased to find o ur cen t of America's incarcerated.

So first lc malc Celly of the Month. I'm n ot saying 1hi n k we' re mov in g into we ' ve received not hin g from Affirm ative Actio n terri tory, lowwo me n. It 's just that 1h e ering our sLandards so to s peak, of submission s we re ce ive from you ' re dead wrong. So th e zine. They re presem role models com petition is fierce. Roa r! Yo u wanna be publi heel? Write vVc fee l we're mak in g some powerful sto ri es. Most of all, we want yo ur of prisoner authors. I'm no t saying stories because Lhis is your magathese guys aren't civilized, I" m just zine, too.

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Mature black women in Raghey

Do not mistake these for the usual types of self - defense books. These training manuals contain the critical infonnation no one else talks about - the stuff that will keep you unhurt and intact. The techniques will increase your odds af:! Please rush me the following publications.

Mature black women in Raghey

I understand that if I'm unhappy with! The Secrets of Self-Defense-Yo!. The fresh 18 is to run consecutively with a year sentence Rosie was paroled on last Jul y. H e'll have to serve a minimum of 17 years before release. T he unprecede nte d sen tence s tunned frie nds, fam ily and loyal supporters who ga thered at a federa l courthouse in To ronto on December 19, to hea r Judge Bruce Hawkins pronounce sentence.

No t two weeks earlie r, Rosie was convicted on a five-year-old unconsummated or "dry" conspiracy, the result of an undercover s ting operation cod e-named Project Amigo.

Mature black women in Raghey

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