May OK wife swapping

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November 20, by Maggie McNeill. You get another wife. The line between the two is narrower than you might think. Despite neofeminist obfuscation to the contrary, the real mental line which has to be crossed to become a prostitute is the barrier against having sex with strange men; once one has made that mental adjustment, being paid comes naturally. And just let one of them get pregnant because she was too stupid to take precautions, too scheming or fearful to take Plan B and too whatever to get an abortion and watch how quickly she starts negotiating her price.

Wrap your May OK wife swapping around that, now: Both involve women having sex with strange men in return for something, both are often arranged via internet or alternative newspaperboth usually involve male infidelity, both are considered shocking by prudes, and both could result in spreading venereal disease if appropriate precautions are not taken.

Yet the one which allows a woman sex completely on her own terms and enables her to directly fund her chosen lifestyle is illegal. Let the prohibitionists make whatever excuses they like, because they have no clothes on. A couple call is one way for a husband to ease a reluctant wife into swinging; it also eliminates one potential human factor, and if the wife becomes upset at the sight of her husband with another woman the only consequences are financial rather than social.

Even experienced swingers might occasionally hire a call girl, since this allows them a freer and usually higher-quality choice of play companions with no strings attached. I daresay everyone who has ever known swingers has heard horror stories of jealousy, drama and the like; there is no way to tell how often such things happen among neophyte swingers, though they would have to be rare among experienced ones or else they would never have gone that far.

In an escort-client relationship, the rules are clear and firmly enforced by the professional, but when everyone involved is an amateur motivated only by emotions there is a great deal more potential for drama and even disaster; it is therefore absolutely imperative that everyone is on the same and the expectations, etiquette and ground rules are firmly established from the beginning.

Like BDSM, swinging requires a high degree of trust between the partners, and May OK wife swapping activity can intensify a strong relationship or destroy a weak one. And though I do not know this for a statistical fact, I strongly suspect from personal observations and anecdotal evidence that in swinging it is the woman who is more often than not the weak link.

The reason should be obvious; while most men have no problem separating sex from emotion and can enjoy shagging strange women for the pure carnal joy of the act, many women have a tendency to become emotionally attached to men with whom they have sex even some escorts have to wrestle with such feelings on occasion.

If her own marriage is strong this might present no problem as long as they avoid too many encounters with the same couple, but if her marriage is weak she may attach to her lover more strongly than to her husband, with serious consequences for both marriages. And if she still harbors some resentment for being talked into May OK wife swapping swapping in the first place, those consequences might be catastrophic. Posted in Call typesMiscellaneous Tagged anecdoteBDSMbisexualitydiseaseethicsfantasyhalfway whoresinfidelitylawmarriageNew Orleanspsychologyyin and yang 44 Comments.

I talked to at least three guys who said that they tried this, and they all had the unfortunate luck of going to a gathering where there was an extremely well hung stud there…and once they had reluctantly given their wives permission, the sight of their wives being pounded into orgasmic pleasure by a far superior male specimen absolutely crushed them, and their relationships never recovered, as their wives could never forget the experience, and May OK wife swapping no longer, try as they might, be satisfied by a smaller dick.

He obviously wanted a shot at other women without the threat of losing his house and children. But what I am telling you is that it is not remotely the ONLY factor in female sexual satisfaction, not by any stretch of the imagination. And even if it were, no sane woman would abandon an established relationship or form a new one based on nothing else.

If these women left their husbands it was because they were dissatisfied with them already and looking for an excuse. This is another one that surprised me. Women can turn off sexual desire, not emotions; why do you think so many repeatedly forgive wife-beaters and some even fall in love with men who abduct them? Yeah, well, once I saw the clear unattractiveness of some of the couples that outed themselves on TV, I could see why the guy talked her into it.

Sorry that just struck me as funny, I like it when people are direct the same way that I am. When guys are confronted with a physical dream girl, it takes every ounce of self control possible not to go with it. So the switch that can be flipped is the sexual one, not the emotional one. Yeah now that you say that, I do remember that 2 out of these 3 guys were pitiful submissives, so according to you that had to be the real reason behind their wives connecting to a real man that could properly dominate them.

As misandrist as this sounds, its men who are far more likely to leave a functional relationship for sexual excess. Bottom line: if her emotional and physiological needs are being met by her husband, a woman sees new dick as a plus and not a need. Probably tonight.

After all, no two people are going to agree on everything. I agree. You do this by defining things very broadly. Anywho, it just seems that for all your defiance, you still have some need to justify your former profession. Not any more than a chef, singer, engineer or ditch-digger needs to justify cooking, singing, engineering or digging ditches, for pay. I consider giving sex away to be immoral, like throwing away food. I do disagree that giving sex away is immoral.

Impractical, maybe, but when is giving something away for free ever immoral? Even most gifts given from the heart are given in exchange for friendship, love, etc. Hi Sina! I hope to see you around here often; the more sex worker voices my non-professional readers are exposed to, the better. Aside from that, anything I do is perfectly fine with her.

She positively refuses to have sex with any man but me though. People value things they pay for or earn in some way far more than things they get for free. Who sets the value of pussy, men or women? So I spend money with no guarantee of pussy in return.

Well, of course her! Who the hell else? If you find the price one woman sets is too high or the terms unclear, move on to another. If more men did, amateur women might wake up and start playing fair again. Sexual purity was expected, and sexual satisfaction i. And I have to take care of my children, whom I could rightfully expect to actually be mine. Okay, obviously came to this post late, but it reminds me of a funny cartoon I once saw. In high school I had a subscription to Omni and I suspect the cartoon was meant for the parent Penthouse. I subscribed to Omni for a few years as well, and I often noticed items that seemed as though they could go in either magazine.

That way, jealousy would be less likely to rear its unlovely head. Where it was said that some of the Relationships never recovered because of the penis size issueI think it was the man who was smaller that never recovered from it. If what was said about this is true than you are only one person away from ending your Marriage or Relationship. How does Jealousy not affect all of these Relationships? Sina thank you for what you wrote after I I realized that I wrote my first one too quickly.

But help me to understand this : when a couple has made it official and the swapping couple is coming overwhat are the rules? Does everyone stay in the same room? Would you get Jealous? Can you Truly Love someone and allow them to be with someone else? As a guy age 58 and married 34 years to a partner with whom I have done everything from swapping, to couples-play, to open marriage for the past ten years, I agree with Sailor; it is possible to love someone and allow that one to enjoy others outside your relationship.

Relatively improbable, but definitely possible. Jealousy has its right function in the human organism, but, like other instincts, it can be consciously handled and rationally overridden when there are no real nor substantial threats. Do I believe many people are capable of coping with the jealousies, insecurities, and complexities involving extra-marital partners? No, no more than I believe many women are capable of being escorts. We may be mammals driven by biological instincts, but unlike other mammals, humans have self-consciousness and high reasoning. So, while I think that lifelong monogamous sexuality is contrary to typical human nature, I also concede May OK wife swapping, due to the complications that our self-awareness, psychology, and emotions create in us as humans and create differently for each genderfor many if not most people, monogamous sexuality is the option with the least problems.

Okwhat if one of you gets hooked on sex with someone else? What if one of you starts seeing this person behind your spouses back? I was too scared of socializing with sex only friends in the past. Whatever your choices are I wish you the best.

May OK wife swapping

What about condoms when swapping it common practice and do you meet up at hotels or at your place? How can you not be? Sailor Barsoom and I have had 1 for years. Yes, it was a very rough time. I broke up to a degree with him for a while over this.

But, through honest communication, etc. Sailor and I have a list of rules as far as seeing other people goes. But, I do want to let you know they can and do work. Take care. Life is short and we are imprisoned in our bodied and chained by social stupid rules and does and not do does. What they say, in full, is something like this:.

And most couples who continue to swing do so because the wife discovers that she loves the reality of it. Very male-centric. However the podcasters today agree that swinging, today, is controlled far more by the wives. Then the wives go into the powder room while we guys hang out at the bar. While conferring, these wives compare notes with each other, directly, about their rules and boundaries; about their interests and preferences; and about anything else that might make them uncomfortable.

Now, this is second-hand reporting. My only personal experience is a couple of visits — one to a local club with a female friend and one to May OK wife swapping local meet and greet, solo. In each case, it was the women who were doing the evaluating — well, the evaluating that had any real meaning.

May OK wife swapping

The husbands mostly stood back, protecting their wives by making sure that no assholes tried to break into their vibe. I know that there are swingers, and then there are swingers. A female friend of mine had a ghastly experience with a swinger-couple, a year or two ago: they treated her like a piece of sexual furniture. I think they were deeply insecure about their marriage-relationship, and were frightened to death that their marriage might blow up if they actually encountered a third human being in their bed.

There are swingers, and then there are swingers.

May OK wife swapping

And some of them are couples whose wife has discovered that — by damn!! And many of these wives never realized that this was OK. It might be ificant that May OK wife swapping circles have been over-ages, many who are long-term couples married for decades as we are. I get the sense from my experiences and observations and discussions with theses women and couples that, once some woman have developed very secure relationships with a partner over a long-term and still find their emotional fulfillment in that primary relationship, those women discover they are actually able to enjoy extra-relationship sex.

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May OK wife swapping May OK wife swapping

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