Still looking in Digby area

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The massive amount of untapped energy of the Bay of Fundy is the fuel for a fragile ecosystem that provides a nutritious food supply to numerous species of birds, fish, bottom-dwellers like lobsters and scallops, and of course whales. By late springtime Finback Whales, Minke Whales and Harbour Porpoises are the first to arrive from their southern migration grounds. White-sided dolphins are also often seen.

Some of the many bird species at the Bay of Fundy include the Atlantic Puffin, piping plover, several varieties of gannets, and many more. A humpback whale breaching and putting on a show for the Welcome Aboard whale watch. The Digby Area offers great opportunities for both sea kayaking and wilderness canoeing.

Still looking in Digby area

When planning your kayaking trip, make sure to check the tides first though: dragging your kayak across the ocean floor in order to get back is not the best experience! Depending on your experience and what you are looking for there are several options. The lighthouse still operates today aiding vessels in their travels as the Bay of Fundy around Long Island can become hard to manoeuvre through at times. Standing at a height of 33 feet, the light atop shines across Petit Passage in the Bay of Fundy for 12 nautical miles, flashing every 12 seconds. The lighthouse is often closed off by a gate to stop vehicles from entering, but visitors are welcome to walk to the cliffs and admire the historic lighthouse and enjoy the scenery.

There are several picnic benches set up and a new look off trail to the Althouse Lookoff can be found about halfway up watch for the walking bridge Still looking in Digby area the first sharp left turn in the road. Coming off the ferry, turn right or park in the harbor parking lot on your right and simply walk up. If you enjoy historic buildings, you can wonder around inside the old lighthouse itself.

It was built in and had only two light-keepers throughout its years of service, both being from the same family. Stop by for some refreshments, or to learn more about the history of the lighthouse and surrounding area, ask our friendly staff. The lighthouse is open am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday; Sunday noon to 4 pm. The Lighthouse Family Picnic is held on the 3rd Sunday in July, focusing on local musical talent, good food, prizes and fun for all.

Still looking in Digby area

Visitors are free to tour the lighthouse which houses archival displays, genealogy information, an active quilting room, local crafts and a tearoom. The picnic grounds and surrounding shore are freely accessible. You can enjoy a walk along the shoreline and when the tide is out, you may find small shells and rocks covered with barnacles, or just relax and listen to the ocean as the waves roll in.

Point Prim lighthouse is located about 8. It is also a spot where seals, porpoises and whales are regularly sighted right from shore. Just bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the view! Still looking in Digby area Point Prim you will find several shorter hiking trails, or you can choose to hike along the rocky shore for a bit.

The rock formations are quite unique, and the information panels at Point Prim will tell you how these formations came to be. Our local vineyards have garnered international acclaims and rewards for the unique quality wines produced with passion.

Our warm summers and long falls create crisp wines with bright acidity and aromatic complexities. Bear River Vineyards Atop the vineyard sits the Winery. Housed in a masterfully renovated bank barn that dates back tono detail was overlooked when deing the home and heart of the operation. The main level of the winery holds the tasting bar and wine shop. From its soaring beamed ceiling to its herringbone slate floor, it is the perfect place to enjoy our wines while surrounded by understated elegance.

Tastings for groups available at our banquet table in the main tasting room. We can also accommodate small groups in our private cellar by reservation, providing an environment of old world charm for new world wines. Our beautifully rustic room features floor to ceiling wine racks, exposed granite walls, wood columns, and a monolithic cast concrete staircase.

Tastings available from pm seven days a week from June-September. We offer vineyard and winery tours on request. Maud Lewis. Quilts by the Bay Hwy 1, RR2, Digby Beautiful cozy handcrafted quilts will warm and brighten any room in your home. A quilt makes a wonderful gift and will become a family heirloom. We have another 40, partially inventoried books in storage. Our stock is generalist, but we do have ificant holdings in Irish literature and history, Jewish studies, American and British literature, economics and mysteries.

We have an on-going interest in expanding our holdings of maritime books and in particular books about Nova Scotia.

Still looking in Digby area

In addition to books, we have a changing assortment of postcards, handmade note cards by local artists, some local folk art, vinyl and glass records, books on tape, some old maps, African masks, stuffed animals mainly Gundscarves mainly silkan extensive collection of VHS movies still in the process of being cataloguedvintage jewelry along with locally made bead necklaces, and other interesting things.

Our knitting area with specialty yams and knitting supplies, including our extensive collection of vintage knitting and crochet patterns, is still a work in progress. Watch the artist create abstract paintings and beautiful, museum-quality jewellery crafted from polymer clay and local agate, sold in the gift shop. It is a social enterprise offering vocational and residential services to people with disabilities. Beyond this, however, they offer a line of services and products. Looking for a picnic table, a nicely made garbage box for outside, lumber, or split firewood? The Conway Workshop can help.

Looking for freshly produced baked goods? The Conway Workshop provides these to local businesses as well as individuals. Visit their website see link in the title for contact information and further details. Blue Mind Gallery Blue Mind Gallery is a space for you to discover some of the creativity that is found in and around Nova Scotia — including works from many Bear River artists. Flight of Fancy Fine craft for artful living. We offer a unique shopping experience at studio prices with something for everyone, from the work of over two hundred artists.

Just follow the river to our door. The scallop pearls in our jewelery are sourced by the local fisherman of Digby, NS. There is no question as to their origin. Deep under the waters of the bay of Fundy, these treasures are hidden within their shells as Still looking in Digby area develop naturally over several years. We find the pearls, and display them in complimentary settings where their beauty can be enjoyed for many years to come. Ram Computer Systems All of your computer needs right in downtown Digby!

Still looking in Digby area

Propane Natural Gas and all your propane needs! With ingenious routing, the course winds through picturesque pine trees and over a meandering brook which widens into ponds on holes two and sixteen. There is a small playground for the children. You can Still looking in Digby area onto the path at the south end of town. There are some beautiful views of Digby and the Digby Gut along the way as well. It is a wonderful spot overlooking the Annapolis Basin. All are welcome to make use of these trails; all they ask is that you please respect their grounds.

You can walk to a nice little look-off point overlooking the Annapolis Basin, or follow the trail along the exercise stations and get a great outdoor workout in at the same time! Follow this road to the end to arrive at a beautiful sandy beach. This is a great spot to go for a stroll along the beach, find some sea glass and colourful rocks, or go for a quick swim. Mind you: the Bay of Fundy waters are cold anytime of year, but the warm and sheltered sandy beach more than makes up for the cold waters. You can also walk down to the Fundy Shore here, but be aware the trail is rough.

Good walking shoes are required. At times the road will be closed off, in which case you can simply park your car at the start and walk up. At the first sharp left turn in the road you will see a small footbridge. Be amazed by the churning tides and you might be lucky and see porpoises, seals or even whales.

When following the main road all the way to the end you will get to Boars Head Lighthouse, sitting at the top of the cliffy shores. There are some picnic tables here and awesome views over the Bay of Fundy. This 2 kilometre long trail winds its way through forest and bog lands to the shoreline.

Still looking in Digby area

Some unique flora and fauna can be found along the way, with age explaining some of the unique plantations. The last part of the trail is stairs going down the Cliffside leading to the Balancing Rock. You will find picnic tables at the parking area at the start of the trail, and some seating along the way and at the end to catch your breath. Central Grove Provincial Park Located about halfway down Long Island, this Provincial Park provides a small roide picnic area with tables scattered through open fields.

There is a picturesque walking trail to Bay of Fundy, 0.

Still looking in Digby area

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