Waldorf mature ladies

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Two years ago, I started a guilty pleasure addiction. You watch it once and you get hooked for life. Sure, the drugs, debauchery and decadence is part of the charm, but the most fascinating bit is the fashion. Even if you hate the whole idea of the show, just watch it on mute for style inspiration.

Waldorf mature ladies

Each time I begin watching a new episode, I have to take care not to drool all over my laptop because the clothes are just SO gorgeous. First of all, Blair is nothing if not classic and chic. Despite gradual changes in her style over the seasons, she is always classic, preppy and effortlessly polished. In a manner of speaking, dressing like Blair Waldorf is like channeling Audrey Hepburn albeit with a modern, sassy twist. Blair is the quintessential lady.

She is just not a jeans and trousers kind of person at all, and would not even Waldorf mature ladies of hot pants or denim shorts. At school, she was always in one of her many preppy plaid skirts and now, as an adult, she prefers tailored skirts and dresses in a multitude of chic prints.

She can wear cheerful pastels and florals as well as subdued laces and tweeds with equal ease. Rather than keeping it skin tight with a bandeau skirt, Blair prefers A-line and flounces. She is evidently a huge fan of babydoll dresses which generally have high waistlines or none at all with elegant lines and a very feminine look.

She also has a great collection of both business-like mid-length skirts as well as the flirty mini ones. A girl cannot survive New York City winters if she wears only dresses and skirts. Blair keeps those great legs warm in her ature tights. While the rest of her outfit may have a classic look, she loves to wear textured and Waldorf mature ladies tights. She has tights in black and white as well as colours, plaid and even in lace and knit patterns. In school, Blair mostly wore crisp white shirts in a variety of styles with that ature bow-tie. Her style has now evolved but still includes tailored tops.

She sticks to classic fits such as collared shirts, fitted sleeveless blouses and stylish V-necks but they usually have some unique patterns or detailing. She would not be caught dead in a bulky parka or a biker leather jacket. Blair is a fan of well-fitting items like trench coats and pea coats, and yet she is not averse to wearing capes or caplets in varying colours. Unlike her best friend Serena, Blair does not favour thigh high boots or outrageous footwear. She maintains the elegance by sporting chic oxford pumps, mary janes, ballet flats, espadrilles, chic ankle booties and pumps.

Blair is usually seen in heels. Like her style guru Audrey Hepburn, Blair is a believer in the chicness of pearls. She is not a chunky, over-the-top kind of jewellery person and keeps it to a bare minimum. Besides her pearls, her ature classic includes a lightweight gold ring with ruby. She does not walk around Waldorf mature ladies her trinkets and her arms will not sport more than a classic little cuff or two.

Blair had hundreds of stylish headbands in all possible textures from tartan to silk and ranging from the oh-so-pretty to the downright outrageous. Her other accessories are minimal. She utilises belts to cinch her perfect waist and to display that hourglass figure. Blair is not fan of the bed head style or those messy tangled boho curls. Her hair is most likely to be sleek and well-coiffed to add to her overall polished appearance. The styles can range anything between soft curls to a pulled-together low ponytail. Blair never looks overdone and wears very neutral makeup. She usually wear nude eyeshadow and her lips are almost always light red or pink.

For special occasions, she plays up her eyes, but not too much so as to sport a raccoon look.

Waldorf mature ladies

Blair also always has the perfect pout and glossy, shiny puckers. She sticks to lady-like classic pieces with a few unique twists. Want the simplest way to recreate her look? Image Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67. Haha, yes, Blair and Chuck — Chuck and Blair.

It was the make up tutorial that gave me the idea for this article. You are great writer jabberwocky……need more articles from you :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: and Blair dresses so elegantly…. OMG i love her style. I love such dressing :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:. Yeah, so clean! I love the way the creative directors of the show have made sure that the costumes are Waldorf mature ladies sync with their characters.

Good God! I SO want that red coat! I am going to scour the town this season looking for something similar. Absolutely amazing. I used to watch Gossip girl.

Waldorf mature ladies

But i love the fashion sense of this female. Blair does it with ease even in her most lady-like outfits. Nicely written article, and an inspiration to go back to get the basics right. More than Blair, i loved your way of writing.

Wonderful article :thanks:. U write lyk dream J……………. Thanks for the kind words! She could not be further from Blair in her real life. She was actually born in jail to drug dealer parents. It really makes me appreciate her so much more for how far she has come.

I have a whole new respect for her now. I like her style very much! Oh my…We truly are soul sisters in fashion sense too! And love i meant to be spread around,is it not? I totally adore Blair Waldorf…and I just love her style! She is my favourite Gossip Girl character! Loved it!!! Related Posts. Love love love Queen B!!! Wish she would just get back with Chuck. Yeah, I read that fact about her Waldorf mature ladies too!

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Waldorf mature ladies

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How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf From Gossip Girls