Wild game 420 friendly

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California is unique and diverse with the highest level of biodiversity in the entire nation. Cannabis cultivators, like other project proponents, must comply with Fish and Game Code. Working together, we can ensure environmentally-friendly cannabis cultivation. Receive Cannabis Program News by. BoxSacramento, CA Home Conservation Cannabis.

Wild game 420 friendly

Learn about the General Agreement for cannabis cultivation projects. Begin your online notification. Learn about the Lake and Streambed Alteration Program.

Wild game 420 friendly

Environment Learn about how cannabis cultivation can impact the environment. Visit CDFW's rodenticide. Learn about what pesticides are legal to use on cannabis. View the study plan PDF and fact sheet PDF about a CDFW pilot study investigating the relationship between aquatic habitat quality parameters and stream flow in watersheds with and without current cannabis cultivation. Restoration Learn about cannabis cultivation site restoration. Learn about the Cannabis Restoration Grant Program. Read about restoration projects funded in Enforcement Learn more about cannabis cultivation law enforcement.

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Wild game 420 friendly Wild game 420 friendly

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