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After all, the guy may as well be royalty. The reason why I took an interest in Akatsuki no Yona in the first place was because it had the potential to avoid this sort of nonsense.

You know he s a dickwad updated 1208 pm

Lately, however, things have gotten a little too inane for my tastes. And you know what? There are still three more dragons to recruit, i. So is it going to get worse from here on out? I wanted a serious story with some light-hearted moments, not a reverse harem with some serious moments. Does he have to replace the bandages often? Does… bah, I doubt the anime even cares. But can you blame the guy? But we all knew Hak could fightso this is kind of silly.

You know he s a dickwad updated 1208 pm

Are you kidding me, man? You must go on this quest to locate the four mystical weapons for they will grant you great power! This just ends up cheapening the story, though. So the dude pushed himself too far just to impress some bishie. Very smart of a former general. Unless he forgot to scale and gut the fish, I gotta say that sounds like a decent meal to me. Just a tiny bit. He was led to believe he would and could do everything for the princess, so what else was he supposed to think?

And now, he has to quickly adapt on the fly. Again, I wanted a serious tale with some light-hearted moments. There still plenty of story left to tell, but up until now, Mask has had a far more interesting life than Bellri. Even the fact that Bellri can pilot the G-Self is unearned. A final battle that was both anticlimactic and unimaginative, and an epilogue that went on and on forever. Probably not, huh? Studios will simply lift the dialogue straight from the source material and do nothing else with it. Well, kudos for having the harem lead actually pick one of the girls.

Unfortunately, the rest of the story is nothing. Welp, it was just a stupid harem anime after all. When Shiroe managed to stumble upon the final room of the entire raid with such ease, it just rendered everything we had seen before it completely moot. Terribly pointless ending, and the sequel in general was a disaster.

When put together, the complete story is completely useless, and You know he s a dickwad updated 1208 pm absolutely nothing worthwhile to say about anything, especially not war. Gundam and fashion, huh? The bad animation was kind of funny.

This scene was kind of funny in a bad way. I can enjoy slice-of-life. It just needs to have a story. Those same plot events still have to be arranged in a way that tells me something interesting about these characters, their lives, or the world around them. The latest plot developments are all over the place, which is both a good and a bad thing. Hopefully, Salia will stop whining about the Villkiss for good. Pretty much everything I expected to happen, well, happened. Will Sora and Nishiki actually be a thing?

Nah, not in that condition. The two younger brothers will eventually have to accept that they must grow up without him. They need to become independent at some point. Also, what of Botan and Hirari? I just wish there was more fighting in general. The duel between the guy and Saber was way too short. It might have looked cool, but there was barely any of it. When these characters are not fighting, all they do is drone on and on about the rules of the game or whatever. And a show like that is, well, ultimately forgettable.

Kind of disappointed by its pacing. The animation was also kind of consistent at times. Tokimune looks downright bored in this scene. I think the show was a whole lot more compelling before it suddenly had to go on hiatus for a week. Honestly, I greatly prefer the more episodic nature of the first half of the series.

There was a lot more swashbuckling and a lot more subtle character development. More importantly, the first half had more of an adventure feel to the story. I was hoping for more adventure and less fantasy. Oh well. Take a show from the past year and change its genre completely. Which show did you pick, what is its new genre, and how would this sudden change dramatically improve the story? Alright, alright. But why would she need to? We gotta protect the law, remember? She protects it so hard, she leaves Sakuya handcuffed to the ground but also unattended.

Her character quickly ran into a brick wall early on in the season. We have nothing to compare her current disposition to. The latter bears the grudge of the people against Sibyl. A grudge. Sibyl will finally be able to judge both itself and Kamui. Sibyl, on the other hand, will magically wipe itself clean somehow. After all, it still has a role to play in the upcoming movie, and well, Kamui does not. Like really, really sick for her. How can pushing other people to commit wrongdoings have anything to do with Kasei?

You know he s a dickwad updated 1208 pm

Okay, whatever. But wait, why does Akane stand idly by and allow this to happen when she, for all intents and purposes, prevented Kamui from finishing Sakuya off? All Kamui literally had to do was pull the trigger, but she jumped in front of the Dominator and acted like she was protecting Kamui from Sakuya. All of a sudden, the Sibyl System announces that its evolving! Man, I knew something like this would happen, but not in such a lame way. Literally, Sibyl will just destroy the bad brains in its system and voila! Yep, yep, Sibyl has evolved!

How do I know? Well, it said so! This scene is just to wrap up this particular loose end, but again, what ends up happening to the girl makes no difference to me. Sure, he can say that, but we must still hold him responsible for his actions. The same thing applies to Sibyl. He does so by confessing to the murder of her grandmother. As his last parting gift, however, Kamui calms her down. What a cool guy! Back into your prisonyou go! Oh look, Yayoi is now suspicious of Mika! Oh no, I guess no lesbian sex between those two! Nothing to worry about here! This sequel may as well not exist! Did we just spend three episodes on three performances?

I think we did. And Takeshi refers to the bespectacled protagonist as his hero? For me right now, it would have be…. Under no circumstances is it a place to find yourself. Just disqualify him and move on. Every show needs a villain, apparently. What else have you got for me? Can she also cha-cha?! She smiled, so she better be gone. Well, duh. Kousei was practically rubbing his golden balls in our face. Get some of those golden balls back from the audience, and just confess to the girl!

But you can look at it another way. Just tell him. Just tell him that your mother died and as a result, you were too traumatized to play the piano. Seriously, I just want the protagonist to stand up for himself for once.

For fucking once, tell these asshole characters off. Get them off your goddamn backs. It will have the main character walk out the door by himself just for dramatic effect… even though we see him later walking home with his friends. Just keep it real. Stop trying to pump up every dinky little scene. Keep it real. How silly of me! As always, Kaori makes all the decisions. Kousei has no say on anything, including their song.

This is what she picked out, by the way:.

You know he s a dickwad updated 1208 pm

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